Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality: all sessions at Hirsch Therapy are totally confidential. The identity of individuals and personal details are carefully protected.

Initial Session: this is your first booking where you meet your therapist to decide whether you could do good work together. This initial meeting aims at clarifying your needs and ideating the best way forward, including frequency of sessions, length of therapy and possible referrals to other professionals.

After the initial session: time and day slots are ongoing and reserved automatically unless otherwise agreed mutually on the last session of the month. Each therapist has their own terms and conditions and payment methods. Ask for their terms and conditions.

Sessions confirmation: sessions are confirmed for the month ahead on the last session of the month.

Payment: Once a session has been confirmed, an invoice will be sent with the payment details. The payment will have to be made within 48 hours of the confirmation. If payment is not received, the appointment/package will be cancelled. A receipt will be sent via email once the payment has been received.

Cancellation Policy and Re-scheduling: Rescheduling / Cancellation Policy Rescheduling / Cancellation of appointments will have to be made 24 hours before the start of the session to avoid a Late Cancellation Fee ($65).

Length of therapy: Short-term: Specific focus therapy. Sometimes all you need is a place to gather your thoughts and the opinion of a professional to make an important decision or become more aware of the hidden factors in a given situation. In this case a time-limited course of sessions might be agreed. Long-term: A thorough analysis of your life and who you are in it would not take less than a year. Some people have reservations about becoming dependent on long-term support but therapy is a process and comes to a natural close at the point where it has provided what the client needs.

Ending: Once a client is accepted for treatment we have an ethical responsibility to accompany the process to the end. Therapy comes to a completion naturally as an agreement between both parties. The client is free to end therapy at any stage by giving at least two-week notice before finishing to allow for the process of closure.